Sunday, September 9, 2012

Let the Football season begin....GO PATS!

Today is the first regular season game for football..including the New England Patriots. I may not know everything about football, but I understand the basics, plus I can always annoy Rich with my questions about why this player did that, and why this call was made...haha

So far an excellent start to the season!

This morning began with a slow start, not really wanting to wake. After work yesterday, I spent a lot of time in bed just watching tv and relaxing, so as the night came to a close, I was beginning to feel restless. I dont like being still for to long, even just sitting and being on the computer or reading is better than just sitting and staring at the TV. Oh well, I settled down and the hubs and I watched Willy Wonka, well I fell asleep while he watched and flipped back and forth to Pawn Stars.

When I finally sat up and woke up I had a tough decision to run now or after the Pats game. I kept telling myself I should go now rather than later, only because I know once the game is over, I am not going to want to go anywhere. So, with enough time, I got geared up and went out. I decided I would try to add some distance today as well.

I am pleased to say that I improved my time! Each mile update my phone gave me I was running at approximatley at 13:52-14:07 minute mile...and my final pace time was 14:04minute per mile which is 10 seconds fast than my 5mile run last week! And each mile pace update was at least 15seconds faster than the pace updates I my phone gave me each mile last week! I am very proud of myself!

Along my route last week I saw a pretty waterfall and decided to take a quick pic to share with you all!

I am not sure if this is next to someones house or if it is some kind of business or something, but I thought it was nice. I run through a lot of residential neighborhoods, so I dont have a lot of "sightseeing" along my route.

When I run, I notice that gas bubbles seem to move a lot, not so much farting...its burping. I always feel like its going to be more like throwing up, but I know its a burp. It kind of makes me nervous when I get that feeling, and it gets kind of annoying. I understand it is beacuse I am moving around, so everything else kind of moves around inside...Anyone else experience that?

Well, I finished my run and showered, just in time for the game to start. I took some time to update my blog since it has been a few days or so...but now, back to football!

"Mirror, mirror on the wall. Whose the fairest of them all"

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