Thursday, September 12, 2013

Running in my Dreams

The other night I had a dream about my race coming at the end of the month. But it wasn't a really good one. I was totally unprepared. For some reason I found myself in Maine, because apparently that is where the race was taking place (in my dream). I had arrived at the race really early, and realized I didn't have anything I needed. But then I found out I was there for the wrong day, I was early on the day of the expo. So I felt some relief and knew I had some time to kill before the expo, so I was able to go somewhere else and get what I needed. I also met up with my girl friend, who is also running the race.
So then I must have skipped over the expo and it was race day. And there I was again, unprepared, no water, no music, no nothing! I panicked a bit, but then I woke up and was really confused!
But now I am feeling worried about the race. I still have a few weeks and am feeling a bit unprepared, but not with the items I need, but in my running. I was hoping to run 3x this week, but so far it has been one.
Tuesday I took a break, Wednesday was hotter than heck, and then today I was doing a bit of house hunting. I did think of running this morning before work, but it was way to dark out to get out when I wanted to, and I am not ready to run in the dark yet.

So hopefully tomorrow after my chiropractor appointment, I can get some miles in.

Now I need to vent, just a little minor thing, but annoying. I was out this evening getting some take out, and the take out guy knows my name and was like "I saw you out jogging the other day." Jogging!?? Really? My run may look like a jog for those who run faster than a 10-9 min mile, but please, I still consider myself a runner, no matter how fast or slow!

I posted this question on Facebook and have already received some responses! I really enjoy hearing what others have to say!
"ok, out of those who run on the slower side, myself included, do you find your self almost feeling offended when someone says to you, I saw you out "jogging" the other day? It might be a jog to those who can run under a 9min mile, but to me, that is how I run!"
-esp when you know how FAR you can go!! What does that One More Mile shirt say...? I may not out pace you, but I will outlast you!!!
-I don't care what people say. I am a very slow runner but I am out there running. As the saying goes -- a 15 minute mile is the same distance as a 9 minute mile..... Or something like that but u get what I mean. I am very proud that I can get out there and move. Many people can't or don't..... So be proud!!!
I run like Phoebe on "Friends" so my husband says, why don't you try to change it. And I always say it doesn't bother me. I can't see myself run.
 -Yes!!! I hate the word "jog". I feel like it implies less effort. I work hard out there.

So what do you have to say?
Whether you are a fast or slow runner, is there anything that those who are non-runners say that gets to you?
Is there anything other runners might say that gets to you?
Have you had any good or bad dreams about running?


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