Monday, September 9, 2013

Feeling Good...

So this past weekend was not one of my best. On Friday my back pain returned and I believe it was all due to lifting a student (with another staff) on to a table for a toileting change. So Friday through Sunday night my back, lower back I should say was not happy. I would say it was anywhere from a 5-8 on the pain/uncomfortable scale. I was not a happy camper. I tried ice, I tried sitting in another chair, I tried a muscle relaxer and I tried heat. If I was moving around it wasn't as bad, so anytime I was up in the morning making coffee and washing dishes it went down to probably a 3.

I was hoping to go running on Saturday, but I figured I can wait one more day and go on Sunday (which didn't happen). So I settled for a walk around the block just to get myself moving, and maybe it might help my muscles a little. Well it did help, but really for the time I was outside and then when I got home it returned.

The one thing that did seem to help was the heating pad. I figured my muscles are so tight that I'm in pain and they need some release. I really could use a massage, but I haven't made an appointment yet.

When I woke up this morning, my pain had gone down significantly  which was nice and made my day at work a while lot better.
So I planned on running since I didn't get it in over the weekend and I felt better.

I ran 6 miles today, and it went pretty well. I never felt out of breathe, I did feel tired from time to time, mostly in my legs, but I pushed through. I did give myself a couple walk breaks that were longer than my interval timer gave.
I ran by, well I was walking at the time, another runner. She actually ran past me, but I saw her coming and let her pass. She looked like she was a well seasoned but young runner, going on many miles maybe. She went past me and disappeared. But what I noticed about her while she was running were her arms. They didn't seem to move! It reminded me of when I have seen many older, such as 60+ year olds running. Her arms weren't down by her side, but they weren't up/bent and swinging. They seemed to be slightly bent and just hanging out. I hope I don't sound like I am judging her, I am simply making an observation and am curious. I feel like if my arms didn't move, then I wouldn't move as well. Plus I thought that it was helpful to your breathing and blood flow to move your arms.

I could just be talking out of my ass....but who knows. If it works for her, then that's ok with me!

Anyways, I am happy to say that I am slowly, but surely on my way to my upcoming 1/2 Marathon! I don't have much longer until it will be here, but I will do all I can to build on my endurance and stamina!


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