Monday, March 4, 2013

Mickey and Minnie's Royal Family 5k

Again, I apologize for taking so long to update, and taking so long in between the first update from the Princess 1/2 Marathon weekend.

ANYWAYS! As you can tell by the title, this entry is about the Royal Family 5k from Saturday, February 23rd! It was a blast!
The day started by waking at 4am to get ready and on the bus for Epcot at 5am-515am. Nicole's costume for the 5k was more in depth than mine. My choice was more simple and last minute, compared to mine for the 1/2...but you'll hear more about that another post! So Nicole was Mrs. INcredible, and I dressed as a simple Minnie Mouse!

This was my first time wearing a running skirt as well, which was cute, but in the end not the best choice. Those shorts do know how to ride up, I dont know if anyone has any tips on keeping them down? I had rubbed some lanacane on my thighs which I think helped, but not for very long.

But I still looked cute!
Here is Nicole and I wwaiting in the crowd. Everyone is jamming out to music and dancing. We even did "Thriller" at one point, the DJ was awesome and taught everyone four basic moves they needed to know for the dance and it was a hit!!

Below are more pictures throughout the rest of the race. What made character stops awesome was that it made running continously easier! They stops made nice little breathing breaks. Nicole was nice enough to stay slow and stick with me the whole race, which made it so much more enjoyable and fun!

After the end of the race, we stayed around for pictures with Mickey and Minnie as well as some snacks! Then we headed back to our hotel for a shower and then back to the expo for some fun photos as well as to listen to some speakers for topics about health and racing and tips about the course, which was pretty helpful!

As you can see, we were up to no good at the expo! hehe

Myself and Ali Vincent, the 1st female winner of the Biggest Loser
"It all started with a mouse"

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