Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2013 Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon (finally!) Part 1

Ok. Here it is. Only about a month late. My Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon update!! I have to say it will mostly be pictures, but I will do my best! Enjoy!

So the day begins at 2am...yes that's right, as many others before me have written, myself and my roomie, Nicole set our alarms and were awake at 2am! I know, that doesn't sound very exciting, but I was so very excited! I got up and began getting myself together! I had put together my costume the night before as well as all I needed for my race day. Nicole put on some music, we started jamming out, putting our faces on and running gear!

I was so excited I ended up rushing Nicole a bit, my apologizes! She was all ready go for the most part, but when I am being told we have to be out and on the bus at 3am I am ready to go for it! But she wasn' as she is trying to pin her bib onto her shirt, I am pressuring her...wooops...excitement took over!

So we board the bus, wait for it to depart...and drive off to Epcot! Nicole and I were both registered for the Race Retreat. It was wonderful! It was cool, there was food and private porta-potties for us! There were also some character appearances, which I have to say I was a little disappointed. When we got there the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty were there, but while standing in line then went away and brought in a field mouse from Cinderella!

final costume results!

While in the race retreat tent they made an announcement for those in Corrals A-C to make there way to the start line. So Nicole went off and made her way to her corral, and I waited to meet up with my friend Shavonne who was in my corral. Actually...I was moved up from Corral E to D from my 10k race time. But since Shavonne was in E, I decided it might be nice to start with her since it our first 1/2 so it was great to have a running partner, plus she had a pace timer!

So here is everyone making there way to their corrals, it was a little of a walk, but it helped loosen the nerves a bit as well as the muscles!

There was a porta-potti stop on the way to the corrals which we made just to allow more time for running and less stops! Which I can tell you now that I only stopped once for a pee stop right before Mile 9.

So here is the start line! As each group started or neared the start line The Fairy Godmother gave us her words of encouragement and magic!

Then off with a Bibbidi-Bobbidy Boo we were off! The fireworks went off for each group which was great excitement!

When I wanted to make a stop for this photo Shavonne wanted to keep on running, so I let her go on and I waited for at least 5-10 minutes! But hey it was worth seeing Prince Eric. He told me to keep an eye out for Max, but I didn't see him anywhere on the course unfortunately...that dog must get into so much trouble!

I really wish I stopped for this photo opportunity...oh well, next time!

Making our way through the Castle...eek! So exciting!!

Such a fun photo shot! The pro's pic came out a lot better, but this is what you get! haha!

My new husband...hehe

 This is the "hill" that I kept hearing about...but it really wasn't as bad as everyone made it seem to be. The picture here doesn't show it very well, and there was more than one inclining hill, but neither were to bad if you trained on even the smallest of hills or paced yourself.

To read more about the race finale and trip to the Magic Kingdom, please read 2013 Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon Part 2!
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