Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2013 Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon, part 2!

Ok, so to continue. From my pictures we left off at Mile 12. After mile 12 we entered Epcot, through the entrance around future world and make out!

This is what I had read all about, the Gospel Choir! This means reaching the end, reaching Mile 13!
I got very excited, not that I wasn't really excited throughout the course!

 Here it is, Mile 13!! The end is near, not that I wanted it to be over because it had been such a fabulous race! I couldn't believe how the time went by.  I really set the standards high for future races..especially any future Half Marathons!

So then the finish line approached...and what had been building up in my head as the greatest and happiest race ever...was all that I wanted and more!

 Once finished I went back to the Race Retreat tent to meet up with Nicole after we both finished. She took the opportunity to stop at every photo stop, so she finished after I did, which really surprised me. But we were both so excited and made the best of our race-cation and enjoyed every moment!

 So after we met up we went into Epcot with out park hopper ticket and went to the Test Track! It was my first time on the ride and it was AWESOME!!
Nicole and I then made our way on the monorail to the Magic Kingdom for a bus ride to our hotel. We wanted to avoid the long wait for the bus back at Epcot. We took a little longer to get showered and ready than we wanted, but we made it to the Magic Kingdom!!
This is definitely in my top 5 of favorite pictures! What a great moment with Mickey!
And here I am with Rapunzel, she loved my braid!

Time to make our way to the new Fantasyland. We were hoping to get into "Be Our Guest" but alas, not openings! And since we didn't have reservations we couldn't even get in to get a glimpse of the beauty that is within (just like the Beast!)
 Gaston's Tavern where we enjoyed some snacks...tempted by the Pork Loin leg thing...haha...

 The Sea's with Ariel! The ride itself was a very long wait and there was so much to see by just walking around, so I waited in line to see Ariel in her Grotto while Nicole went over for FastPass for Space Mountain!

 When Nicole met back with me we went over the Belle's cottage for a little story time! As you wait you get a great little insight to the inner workings of the cottage!

 Nicole snapped a shot of our Space Mountain photo! If you cant tell we are proudly holding up our medals!!

After Space Mountain  we grabbed some food all before heading to Cinderella's Castle for pictures and waiting for Wishes fireworks!

 After the end of Wishes...Nicole gracefully whisked her way through the crowd...I as gracefully as I could, followed through! We made it to our bus and back to our hotel! This was the first night that we yes made it to bed somewhat early, but didn't set our alarm for before the sun came up! We also started putting all of our things together just so there wouldn't be to much in the morning!

The morning of our departure we got up and gathered the remainder of our things before heading out to really look around the hotel, take pictures and breakfast of course!
The first real morning breakfast on our entire trip!

Nothing like a little goofing around on our last day to really make the most out of the trip! It was the best trip ever and cant wait to do it again!!
And if you missed part 1 of the Disney Princess Half Marathon....just click here!
"It all started with a Mouse"


  1. Yep, Disney ruined it for you by that being your 1st Half! Your expectations are so high now lol! Seriously loved your recaps my friend. I would do another race with you anytime and I am so happy to see you are already looking for your next one!! Keep it up and you never know you may be bringing your own kid to a Disney race one day :)

  2. Yay!! I loved reading your recaps!!! The gospel choir is always my favorite part of the race. I always get a little teary eyed when I run (or walk) by them because I know the finish line is literally around the corner!! Great job on the race! Hope to see you at the next one!!