Sunday, October 21, 2012

Update #2

Ok, part two, here we go!

So this past week was kind of tough. I really wanted to get out and run three times this week. So I ran on Monday, the 15th, the official date of our one year anniversary. I had gone to the gym, set the treadmill for and hour and that was it. Ran around 4.53 miles, which is normal for me.
Then that night I started coughing, not a lot...but just enough to know that something was coming.
Tuesday came and I was coughing, and feeling light headed and nauseous throughout the day..but when I ate, I was fine. I also had to work that night, and after work I just couldnt take it, so I went to buy some medicine after work.
Wednesday I was hoping to go out for another run, but this cold was saying NO! I just needed to come home and lay around, and I did. I was suppose to work thursday evening, but they called and let me know I can still come in if I want, but I wasnt really needed. So I took advantage of the situation and didnt go in. But it was a beautiful day, I was feeling pretty good about myself, so I went out for a light run, 2miles. My pace slowed down to around 14min/mile. The first mile was rougher than the second. today I ran my second 5k. Boy what did I get myself into! I had no idea what a challenge it was going to be...even though they said it would be challenging. It was the Cider House 5k at Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, MA. So of course I assume there will be some hills, but I didnt know really what to expect, so I was a bit nervous!

 Here is why I was nervous! It is hard to see in this photo...but for the first 1.5miles was allllll uphill!
Not just any hill...but trail hills, so there were rocks and roots everywhere! So I had to walk pretty much all the way up once we hit the trails!

Throughout the course there were a couple openings where you could see beautiful New England views, and this was one of them!
It was also right next to a water stop! I had a water bottle with me, but it was almost empty!
Around the 1.5 mile..(.there was no mark indicating that, so I am assuming) a guy was there telling us "its all down hill from here" which I was thrilled about!!

This is where I began to run, and I was determined to run and not stop unless I really had to, but just to walk. And of course it brings you back onto a trail, and you have to be careful so you dont trip, fall or sprain an ankle. So I walked a few times, but quickly! I have a feeling my ankles are going to be sore tomorrow!
 It was such a beautiful run, tough, but beautiful.
Rich stayed home for Football...but he texted me to see how things went and when I told him it was tough, he replied "Way to go bub! (his nickname for me) You were tougher tho!" which I found very encouraging and sweet!

                                              After the finish...hands filled with goodies!

So I finished the 5k, my Mom and cousin Deb came and saw me start and finish. We then walked around the AppleFest that Wachusett Mountain was having, looked at all the craft vendors, ate lunch and pretty much called it a day.  I got myself some new winter gloves/mittens, the combo...for $5! They are those really warm knit ones, I dont know what to call the material, its not wool, but not normal yarn. Oh well...I love them!
Oh! and I almost forgot, my sister called me on my way home to see how it all went. I of course gave her the update. She had said how she wished she could have been there. I told her it was too bad that she wasnt going to be home the weekend before Thanksgiving because I am doing a 10k on the 18th. So she then asked about a Thanksgiving race, like a 5k. So now her and I are doing a 5k together on Thanksgiving as well! how exciting! Not only will she be there, but running in it with me!! It will be the best 5k ever!
Thats all for now. Hopefully I wont wait so long to update again!
"Think of all the joy you'll find when you leave the world behind and bid your cares goodbye"


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  1. Results update! 5k time was 51:09, 16:27 pace per mile!