Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Biggest Loser Competition

      Last week, as a way to "unify" the staff where I work, we decided to put together a little competition...a weight loss competition. Although it is a "competition", it will be a way for us to work together and motivate eachother! I am very excited!
      I am not one who works well with having a weight loss goal, but I figure that since I am already on a track of running 2-3 days a week and trying to get to the gym, that this will work. By getting myself involved will also motivate me to actually get my runs in, run 3 times a week EVERY week and get to the gym more often!
      So yesterday was the first day it began. Everyone had there first weigh in, and will weigh in every Monday up to Christmas/Holiday break. So at my first weigh in...yes thats right, I am revealing my weight....was 171lbs. Now I wasnt exactly surprised. When I joined the gym back in I think June or July, I was 174ish...haha. Then when I weighed myself again on the same scale at the gym in September I was 168. So I had lost 6lbs, which is great! But I was eating a lot better, eating less potato chips and junk. But lately I have been trying to eat better, but eating a little more snack foods, and not running as much as I should.

     Today I went to the gym. I ran 30 minutes, total of 2.30 miles. Then worked out with some weights and floor exercises..mostly some kind of core exercise for about 20 minutes.
I am going back to the gym on Thursday night after I get out of work as well as Friday. Sunday I will do my long run, 5miles. This is in writing, so I can be held accountable!

Now on to some more exciting news!!! Run Disney just posted on Facebook a sneak preview of an unveiling for tomorrow!!

                         We are almost ready to unveil ... something. Will you join us tomorrow?
Photo: We are almost ready to unveil ... something.  Will you join us tomorrow?
What will it be I wonder.....possibly the 5th Anniversary Princess 1/2 Marathon Medal!??? I dont know if I can contain my excitment!!! Some think it could be the Tinkerbell Medal, others are hoping for something for Wine and Dine (which has already been revealed I guess)...but from the colors it looks like Princess!!!
I will report back tomorrow!!! Eeeek!!
Fairy tales do come true. One mile at a time.
Princess Stephanie

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