Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Picking up the slack

I am slowly but surely getting back into the groove of things. I don't have an excuse of being out of it, but I am getting myself back in. Not only because I have been noticing some weight, very little, coming back on, but also because I do have some 5ks coming up that I am going to sign up for. I am also trying to get a friend to do a half marathon with me in Maine in July!

So last week my sister came home for the week, and went for a run with me! It was a little over 2 miles, but that was fine with the both of us. She is not much of a runner, but has shown interest in doing more 5ks, and hopefully will do so when she moves back to MA at the end of June.

So I got two runs (both outside!) in last week. I did 4 miles on the treadmill today. I had some trouble today. I felt better once I got started, but around the last 25 minutes, I started to feel a pain almost cramp in my side. I probably should have stopped, but I really wanted to get this run in!

I am pretty proud of myself for not only running, but doing some lifting and core strengthening! After the bit of cramping I thought I would be ready to go home, but I stretched a little and was able to move on!

What is also going to be motivating is having a running buddy! One of the teachers I work with is looking for someone to go running with when the weather gets nice. So that will be great! I cant wait!

What I think is going to be hard is getting back into "long runs" for training for the next 1/2 marathon! But I know if I have done it once, I can do it again! So here it goes!

Q: What was it like for you after your 1st 1/2 marathon? Did you keep up with a routine, or did you fall backwards?

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