Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fabulous Weekend: Part 1

So last weekend, starting Friday September 27th was the beginning of a fabulous weekend, which was what I was expecting!

So it began after I left work, where I went straight home after filling my car with gas! At home I quickly changed and got ready for the nights festivities!
Then I was off to meet up with a close friend then to the train into Boston!

Boston, you ask, what could be in Boston? Michael Buble is your answer!!
If you couldn't tell, I LOVE this man! Not just for his good looks either! Anyways, this would be my 4th show of his, and he never disappoints! It was Amazing, fun and just a grand old time!

And so it begins, Opening with "Fever"

A fan gave him a tiny Bruins jersey for the newest and tiniest Buble in the family!

It was just a fantastic way to start my weekend!

Now to move on to Saturday, another great day, but exhausting. I don't think it helped that I didn't get home until 1-ish am from the Michael Buble show, and then I was up around 8:30 to get ready to go to the Rock n Roll expo.

My friend Liz and I picked up our bibs, shirts and swag bag...then off to the merchandise/vendor area. It was a pretty good expo. I wasn't really sure what to expect. Again my only expo comparison is from the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon expo. So of course this was much smaller, but still good. It wasn't too crowded when we got there, which was around 10:30 in the morning and I believe it opened at 9.

So we walked around the expo and got plenty of samples of energy supplements to use during the race, as well as pumpkin ice coffee samples from Dunkin Donuts. Lets just say I think we both could have run the 1/2 Marathon right there from all the caffeine/energy we had in us from the samples. But as usual, we felt the crash hit us a couple hours later, especially on the way home from the expo.
While at the expo I picked up an energy supplement, I decided to go with PowerBar energy Blasts chews. They were pretty good, and seemed to work pretty well during the race. I also picked up some head bands from a group called Hippie Runner! They are similar to Bondi Bands.

I purchased the skull one to match my outfit for the race, but my favorite...well im kind of torn. I think the what about a Kenyan is hilarious and a really like the Cupcake one. I really hope I can put the Tiara one to use someday at the Princess 1/2 again!
After we left the expo, we decided to take a walk up to the start/finish area for the race to check it out. We also got some lunch and then some cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory for the following day to enjoy after the race!
We even had enough energy in us to drive as much of the course as we could, to see what the hills would look like and what to expect! There were a lot of parts of the course that were "one way" roads, meaning we couldn't drive on them they were one way, but yet the course had us running the opposite direction that cars were allowed to go! But it worked out, because the hills that we wanted to see were on roads we could access, so that helped!
For the Race Post please read Fabulous Weekend: Part 2 !

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