Saturday, February 16, 2013

Let the countdown begin!!!

A week from tomorrow I will be running in the 5th Anniversary Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon!!!! I cant believe how close it is!

I want to apologize for my absense!
First off I have to confess my bad behavior...I ran 10 miles two weeks ago, and then I didnt go running again until this past Tuesday, on the treadmill. Then I didnt get back to the gym until friday, I ran a 5k on the TM and did some strength training.
While at the gym on friday I decided to do a make up trial. I would not only like to feel my best during the race, but also look my best. So I recently purchased some waterproof mascara from Mary Kay and decided to give it a try!
So here is a before:


And After:
Looks pretty good! You can tell I was sweatin with the slicked back hair, haha! But I like to wear eye liner too, but that tends to smudge easily, so i might need to research some sort of waterproof eyeliner...

Also, if you have been hearing the news, last weekend us New Englanders received quite the storm!
Here are a few pictures before shoveling at my place in Massachusetts!

Insane right!??? Rich and I had to go out three different times to shovel. The first time when our landlord arrived thinking he would plow out where we park, but he only plowed the driveway and as close as he could to our cars. Then he proceeded to say "I will come back later, just to give you guys some time to shovel around your cars"......7 hours later he came back. So before he came back we went back out for some more shoveling, then when he finally came back we were able to get out, let him plow and be done! Not what I wanted to do with my Friday, but hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do!
Now for a costume update!
So tutu is just about complete, I believe I shared a picture of when it all started, but now sequins have been added, although it doesnt show well in the photo below, but when it is complete you will see better! But I still need to add one more important detail as well as sewing it off in the back. I also ran into a little trouble with my top! I found this tank top from Old Navy Active that would be perfect and was the perfect shade of purple. I order it online, since its not available in stores, I get it in, and it is way too tight! Bummer! I just received it this week, so I didnt want to take the risk of ordering another one in a bigger size and not getting it in time to complete the whole costume for when i would like!

So then I was on the hunt for some sort of top. All the active tops I have found are to dark of a purple than I would like. So I ended up settling on a very thin/light cotton tee. I am not excited about the cotton, but I figure I should be ok because it is such thin material! I think it is more of a light gray/purple color. I know it will still look adorable, but not what I had built up in my head! But I cant wait to finish it all tomorrow and share it will all of you!!
As the countdown continues I hope to be up to date on here every day with my preperations! I have many to do lists that all have the same things on it, I have packing lists and many other things to prepare! Let it all begin!
"When you upon a star. Makes no difference who you are. Anything you heart desires, will come to you"

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